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Take a look to see what is happening at this very moment in Ciuc while you sit at your computer.


Ciuc from the day before yesterday

Do you have pictures and/or greeting cards of the old Ciuc that you would gladly make reachable to the public as a treasure?
Share it with us and the visitors and let us see how the region was a long time ago.
Upload your pictures / greeting cards of any theme that stands for Miercurea Ciuc - Ciuc basin, buildings, landscapes, people, spirit.

Greetings from Ciuc

Do you have a camera?
We do have a photo theme!
Take a picture and create a greeting card within the topic of This is how we live / Flashes of Life, persuade us of a specific spirit that only Ciuc has to offer, and that is worthwhile visiting.

Tastes of Ciuc

Do you like delicious food?
Do you like the tastes of Ciuc?
You’re not alone in this.
We are curious to know your opinion about the real tastes and dishes characteristic to Ciuc in your point of view.
Make your own favorite dish then share its recipe and picture with us, so that we can also taste it virtually.

Local webcams

Peek into Ciuc’s life right now, while you’re sitting in front of your PC.