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Town walk

Due to changing eras and political regimes Miercurea Ciuc is a town with several different centers, indicated by their compelling buildings...

Barangolás Indítása

Architectural Monuments

Most of the monuments of Miercurea Ciuc date from the 19th and 20th century, built in a neoclassic, eclectic or even art nouveau style...

Barangolás Indítása

Spiritual Heritage

This landscape makes a cache of an inestimable values as far as its spiritual heritage is concerned...

Barangolás Indítása

d. Personalities from the past, present today

This tour gives you a possibility to get to know more about the history of the town through the renowned personalities and their activities of ancient Ciuc...

Barangolás Indítása

Public Art

Each new era, regime or leadership likes to mark its own squares overwriting the former ones...

Barangolás Indítása

Healing Nature

One of the biggest treasure of the area is implied by its medicinal waters and springs...

Barangolás Indítása

Local goods

There are a numerous occasions and opportunities in town to get local goods...

What's this?
This is a continuously improving virtual guide of Ciuc (Miercurea Ciuc and the outskirts) concerning cultural values and natural resources of the region. This guide is a novel method of showing the region on the one hand, but it can be edited by the site visitors as well on the other hand.
Our goal is to gather and show everything that makes it worthwhile to live and visit Ciuc.
According to our plans we’ll progressively present cultural, tourism and leisure sights of Miercurea Ciuc through more than a hundred sphere panning. As a follow-up to this, we’ll also present all places of interest in the Ciuc basin.

Look around!The most significant sights are shown through oursphere panning, that lets you really “look around” in the literal sense of speaking by just moving your mouse around the cultural, tourism and leisure sights of Ciuc.

Navigate on your monitor! Under the Navigation menu item we have stitched the sphere panning into thematic virtual tours thus you can walk in Ciuc as your interest leads you from one sight to the other. On your virtual walk, you can also switch between your preferred sights to see by switching the spots on the map.

Taste the spirit of Ciuc! The Local Spirit is a public collection of greeting cards of the ancient Ciuc and today’s Life Flashes on one hand, or else You can improve yourself the collection by uploading your pictures and cards on the other hand.

Upload and win! Upload your old pictures / greeting cards / local recipe with picture/ or even self-made greeting card within the theme of This is how we live / Flashes of Life to the Spirit of Ciuc gallery and win one of the nine prizes.

Share your experience! Write into our virtual guestbook of Ciuc, and share on community sites everything that you like on our site.

Should you have any questions while using our site, here are the answers. You can also e-mail us.

Visit us! If you live in Ciuc, or you’ve been to Ciuc, look around virtually, too. If you haven’t been here, once you have taken our virtual tour, you are welcome to visit this region in its true glory.
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Town Walk

Public squares, streets and town districts can make our town walk interesting in Miercurea Ciuc.

Architectural monuments

Monumental buildings of national and local significance, immemorial stories.

Spiritual Heritage

Scenes of church life, churches of monumental value, contemporary churches and chapels.

Personalities from the past, present today

Buildings, statues, embossing and plaques maintain the memory of famous personalities of Ciuc.

Public Art

Monuments and fine art creations make the town’s squares more colorful.

Explore Nature

Public parks, green zones, weekend and holiday-districts, mountains, trees, lakes, reservations.

Healing Nature

Mineral water springs, medicinal waters, mofettes, carbonated cold baths, “folk-soaks”.


Museums, galleries, squares, institutions, event places

Sports & Activities

Sport facilities and places for the action lovers all around the town and outskirts.

Local goods

Markets, fair spots and farmers’ fair where all the goods of local farmers are available.

Ciuc from the day before yesterday

Photos of ancient Ciuc, greeting cards, a taste of the region’s past spirit.

Greetings from Ciuc

This is how we live / Flashes of Life on today’s greeting cards, through the lens of locals.

Tastes of Ciuc

Recipes with description and photos of typical Ciuc meals from the locals’ kitchens.

Local webcams

Peek into Ciuc’s life right now, while you’re on your PC.